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Types of Privacy Protection Software

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Types of Privacy Protection Software
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I've been getting some questions from people who obviously don't know the difference between cleaning internet tracks, anononimous surfing and spyware protection so I decided to write a quick article and clear things up for those who need this kind of information.

Types of privacy protection software

It is amazing how many people takes a privacy protection software as a one general category and can't make a difference between, for instance internet cleaner program and anonimous surfing software. If you look through download sites such as you will see many of public reviews which are basically rants from a people that download software expecting apples and getting oranges instead. For some reason people tend to mix up with terms and end up not knowing the real purporse of software. This article is very quick guide that may help you to differenitiate between all those different programs that reside under general "privacy protection" category.

Anti Spyware programs:

Spyware can be described as any software that collects information about you or your computer without your knowledge and consent. Spyware is a very general term and it includes such a different type of threats like Trojans, Adware, Keyloggers.

Trojans are little nasty programs that finds their way into your system usually by tricking you to be harmless files. Trojans do not replicate itself like viruses but they can be very dangerous.
Keyloggers are hidden programs that are recording everything that is happening on your computer, every key you had pressed, every password, web adress. Keyloggers are very different than trojans in terms that they are almost always installed on your computer by a person who wants to spy you. It could be your boss, collegue, husband, wife, parent, it could be anybody that has access to your computer. Luckily, most of modern antispyware programs do protect you from keyloggers aswell.
Adware is called a group of techniques, scripts or programs that are used to send you advertising messages. Adwares can collect your personal information too, but commonly only for the purpose of sending you back advertising messages (like pop up windows) once they "figure out" what you might be interested in as a potential customer. Again, most modern security anti spyware programs have anti adware techniques implemented.

To sum it up, Anti Spyware programs will protect you from trojan intrusions and similar programs that steals your private informations and in most cases, from hidden keyloggers and various adwares. Shadow Professional is NOT anti spyware program! For anti spyware protection use some of the most complete and popular programs like Spyware Doctor or Spy Sweeper.

Anonimous Surfing Software.

This is group of programs with only one single intention: to hide your IP address on internet. IP address is similar to your social security number in real life. It can be tracked to discover your country, city, ISP and even physical address where you live and who you are. So how this thing work? Simply, those programs use so called proxy servers to direct you traffic through them. Thus, you got an IP of a proxy server you are using because all your requests are directed through it. Most comonly, free proxy servers are used. That means, the speed while surfing will decrease significantly, sometines to the poing you ask yourself if is't worth it to use such a software. The possible sollution could be to use paid services (like My Freedom) because they use their own high speed servers. Shadow Professional is NOT an anonimous surfing program, it can't hide your IP address. One of the most popular anonimous surfing programs is Anonymizer by the same called company.

Internet & PC Cleaners

You surf internet and informations about what sites you have visited, what you clicked on, where you logged in to, passwords.. its all stored on various log, dump and cache files on your computer. Even ordinary day to day pc work leaves trails: files and folders you visited and opened, archived files, log ins, various statistics.. even the copy of your document can be left over in temporary folder. Internet & PC Cleaners (Eliminators, Washers etc) are used to get rid of those evidence history files.
This is where Shadow Professional belongs to, although it has much more functionality than just cleaning internet and PC tracks. The thing is, you can use Shadow Professional to clean all history tracks like you could with other programs. But with Shadow Pro you can do much more.. like hide and encrypt files and folders, hide your secret bookmarks, shred files, use Privacy Mode..
Ok, Privacy Mode I will try to explain what's it all about: When you clear history files with other programs you are forced to clear complete history from your computer. Fine, if thats what you want to do. But, you will soon discover that all your remembered passwords are wiped away, that your favourite sites opens slower because their cache is cleared, that some usefull autocomplete entries, recent addresses and forms are also deleted. Distracting isn't it to go through typing again all those passwords, URL-s, forms etc. Everything is wiped away. We came up with a solution: Take a look at Shadow Professional main interface. Two buttons are there. You press Start and Shadow Professional gets into Privacy Mode. While in Privacy Mode your internet activity is not recorded. When you are finished press Stop button. Everything that had happened in Privacy Mode is deleted. Nobody will never know where you have been and what you have done. The history you had before pressing Start is still there. Everything. Your boss or wife comes over on your computer and their passwords are still there, their recent URL-s, their history is there. No suspiction, nobody is cleaning computer, everything is safe.


Those programs are used to permanently delete files from your computer. When you delete a file in Windows and then empty a recycle bin you did nothing. Its easy to recover the content of your hard disk with so called File Recovery Programs. Its very risky to take a computer like that to a PC Service, whoever wants and have a bit of knowledge can retreive your deleted files. Even your kids. A lot of companies use this kind of programs, when they want to dump old hard disks or old computers to make sure their confidential documents won't be discovered. The programs that deal with this problems are called File Shredders or simply Shredders. Shadow Professional has a very powerfull Shredder integrated. It can permanently delete files chosing one of four advanced algorithms, each next is better and more secure but also slower. It also has a Disk Wiper. Simply put, disk wiping is a shredding of a deleted emty space on disk. You have deleted many files with regular windows command and now you can use Disk Wiper to permanently delete all those files, all unused disk space will be shredded. Very usefull.

File Encryption Programs

If you want to protect your private documents from opening by unauthorised persons you have to encrypt them. Encrypted files will be unreadible until you decrypt them back using your password. There are a lot of standalone file encryption programs. Our Shadow Professional supports full and reliable file encryption so you don't have to buy a separate program just for that. On top of that with Shadow Professional you can also hide your secret folder, that is very usefull option to have because you don't leave a space for suspiction (encrypted files are visible, they just can't be opened)

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