Secret Download Folder

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As you are downloading files, videos, pictures and documents from internet you need one secret place where you will store all those files, and which will be visible only to you and accessible only by you. In Shadow, you can pick a folder you want to be your secret download folder and you can encrypt it. Whenever you launch Shadow it will show up, when you exit Shadow it will turn invisible. You can set up a keyboard shortcut to quickly start Shadow in tray menu and, in combination with your chosen password  your family members, kids or colleagues would not even know of yours secret folder existence, yet being able to access it. This folder acts as any other windows folder: you can make sub folders, create or delete files. We strongly encourage you to also encrypt your most confidential private documents. Hiding + encrypting them will give you 100% secure protection and peace of mind. Encrypted files could not be opened, viewed or played in any operating system. You can decrypt them at any time from within Shadow with password you used previously to encrypt them. Do not forget this password! There is no easy way to retrieve it back.