Program Start Up

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Set program password:


Enter password to protect program from unauthorized use


Clear password:


Clear password that has been already set. Warning: clearing the password field will potentialy allow unauthorized access


Default page to display:


The page you set here as default will be the first page to

show up upon launching the program


Start with Windows:


Check this box if you want Program to be loaded on Windows start up


Hide folder where program is installed:


Shadow can hide its presence on your system. Check this box to hide the folder where Shadow is installed.


Hide program from Add/Remove programs list:


Shadow can hide its presence on your system. Checking this box will hide Shadow from the list of programs which are available to uninstall.


Initially show program icon in system tray on Windows startup:


This option has a purpose only if you have Start with Windows option checked on


Minimize main form if shown on Privacy mode Start:


Check this box to minimize program window automatically when you press Start button to enter the Privacy Mode