Purchasing and registering Shadow and registering Shadow

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1. To purchase Shadow Professional click here to open purchase page.


2. Select the number of licenses you want to purchase.


3. You will be taken to a secure purchasing order page, fill the required information and submit.


4. Promptly after making a purchase you will receive an email confirmation with license code so you can

  instantly register your own copy of Shadow Professional.





1. After you have received a confirmation mail with license code launch Shadow and choose Unlock Product

 option which is in the upper right corner of the main screen, under the "more" pull down menu.


2. Enter the license name and registration code you received in your confirmation mail. You can use copy and

  paste to avoid typing errors.


3. Click on Register button. If you have entered license name and license code correctly you will see a

  "Thank you for registering Shadow" message. Click OK and you will become a registered user of Shadow

   software which means you have unlimited access to all features, latest updates and online support.