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“I’ve been trying to find something like this for years.. great approach. Thank you.”

Mark J, Boston

“I can't count anymore how many programs I have tried before I've
heard about Shadow. I am so pleased that I finally have a program
which allows me to have control over what I want to hide and when.
And its soo easy to use. Big thanks.”

A. Stickler. Wa


Pete Underwood

“I’m very happy to be your customer. I dont know for your other programs but Shadow is fantastic. You thought about everything. Thank you.”

Janosh M

“How could have I missed this? Its like everything I wanted to have in only one package.. you’ve got one big fan here.”
Ozzie, Sidney

“Fresh, unique, great UI, rock solid. Well worth the price.”

Eddie Coleman

“I will tell all my friends about this.”

Francesko Corti

“This is by far the best piece of software I installed on my computer in last 3 years! Its amazing how well thought is it, I will recomend it to all of my friends who are into surfing porn:-)) ”

Stephan Kahl, Germany

“Works like a charm! I like having a hidden bookmark editor and ability to export my bookmarks into encrypted file to use on
another computer.”

Mattias from Sweden

“Your program is very easy to use and it does exactly what it claims. I'm running it for three months now and it is very safe to use. I can
only recommend it to people who had problems with family members accessing their computers and their informations like I had”.

Julien D.

“This is by far the best privacy protection software I stumbled upon!
Hands down to your team!”.

Lee Boyle, Uk




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