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How it Works

Start Shadow by double clicking the
icon on desktop or choose program
group from start menu. The Shadow
has an option to hide its presence on
your computer so nobody can know
you are using it to block and clean
sensitive browsing data.
If you have choosen to have Shadow
hidden on your system you can select
a keyboard shorcut and password that
will be used when launching Shadow.

InvisurfTM technology allows you to block history and evidence recording while you are browsing internet. The beauty of this technology is that you can keep your regular surfing history, cache, passwords, recent tracks, autocomlete etc intact, and choose your secret web sessions to be not recorded.
Press the START button and from that moment NO single track of your activity will be recorded on your computer. All history and cache files recorded PRIOR to pressing the start button will be kept!
Press the STOP button or exit the
program to stop blocking history recording on your computer

Feel free to browse porn sites, download files, log in to forums.. you can conduct just about any activity on internet and nobody will ever be able to see any evidence of it. Call up your favourite bookmarks from integrated Secret Bookmard Editor where you can easily store all your secret bookmarks and passwords for future use.

If you for any reason forget to launch
Shadow and you have some “unwanted” tracks recorded, or if you just want to have complete manual commands for deleting web history there is full featured Mannual Clean Up Editor. It allows you to have detailed control over dozen of applications from which you can remove all history info.

Finally, with Shred Editor you can
permanently delete files that you don't need anymore. Regular windows delete command does not delete the files permanently. Those files can be easily recovered. Shredder module in Shadow is easy to use editor that will permanently destroy files you choose to the point they can never be recovered.

As you are downloading movies, files,
pictures, programs etc. you need to store
them in one hidden place which is accesible
only by you. You can put and organize all
your downloaded files in Secret Folders,
pick new folders to be hidden etc.
Those folders will be absolutely invisible to
anybody except you. When you start the
software they will show up, or you can
configure hotkeys to unhide them
at any time.




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