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Clear Search History from google, search and msn with one simple click - download Shadow Professional now, clear search history and continue using it completely free for 30 full days. No nag screens, no disabled options use fully functional professional version for full 30 days click here to download and clear search history now. For more information about Shadow Professional go directly to our product page.


Clear Search HistoryWhat you have searched for on google, search or msn is remembered and stored on your computer. Everything. Anyone who has access to your computer can easily see what you have searched for. If you don't clear search engine history regularly you can be easily discovered and embarrassed. You should make a good habbit to clear search history from various sites on a timely manner. Why should you give your credence to a dedicated professional program and not use tips and tricks from internet to manually clean up those search history tracks? Simply, because its way easier, faster and more secure to do it with program like Shadow Professional. Not only you can clear search history from various sites with one mouse click you can use all other options like web history evidence eliminator, hidden private folders, hidden bookmarks and file shredder. The best of all, Shadow Professional is completely free to try and use if for 30 days without any restrictions. Shadow Pro also offers an unique Privacy Mode option, you just press start button and surf web knowing that no history will be left on your computer. That means, you can press start, surf delicate sites for three hours, press stop and web history is eliminated for those three hours. Very handy if you want to keep previous searches, or want to look credible in eyes of your family or colleagues at work - it would look suspicious had you clear search history (and other history) on a daily basis. Whichever method you choose to clear search history and erase whatever type of history Shadow Professional is the quckiest yet most powerfull program for your privacy protection.

Information about Clear search History with one mouse click

You can safely and quickly clear search history with Shadow Professional, it takes just one simple mouse click. To clear search history in Shadow Professional go to the Manual Clean Up Editor. Under Browsers Tab, make sure you have URL History, addresses, and auto complete checked for for browser you are using, like IE or Firefox(you can check all options if you want) and press Clear Now button at the right bottom of the screen. You will Clear Search History and other sensitive information about web sites you visited. You can also use scheduler to clear search history on a timely matter, like each day or each hour, or you can set Shadow to clear search history each time when you exit program. For Shadow Professional product page where you can find detailed program info, pricing and support links click here.

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Information about using Privacy Mode with Clear search History

You can remove information from search search bar and clear search search history in real time using Privacy Mode in Shadow Professional. Many people want to hide traces of their online activity but at the same time they do not want to brutally clear all searches that they conducted previously because they find useful to have them at their disposal for latter use. This is where Privacy Mode comes at its full glory. On the mail screen of Shadow Professional you will see two big buttons, one is marked as Start and other as Stop button. When you press Start button Shadow will enter Privacy mode and little icon in tray will start rotating. While you are in Privacy Mode all your search search entries, search autocomplete entries, address bar entries, and many other sensitive informations are ready to be wiped away - the moment you stop privacy mode by pressing the Stop button your browser will close and those entries will be permanently deleted. If you had any search search entries before entering Privacy mode they will be still there. This way, you can clear search history just for the time you are in Privacy Mode. This is new and unique approach to clear search history and protect your privacy in a more flexible way. Moreover, it can come safer especially if you have computer that other persons have access to aswell. To clear all search history on a daily basis might not be clever option because people you work with or your family members may become very suspicious and frustrated why you clear search history and how come their valuable entries got cleared every day. With Privacy Mode you left no reason for suspicion and you can enjoy your safe and secure web sessions where you can browse internet without fear that any evidence will be left on your computer. For Shadow Professional product page where you can find detailed program info, pricing and support links click here.

General information about Shadow Professional 

Shadow Professional is all in one, the most complete suite of privacy protection tools available on today's market. With Shadow you can clean traces of your online activity, typed URL-s, adressbar, cookies, cache, clear search history, clear msn history, clear search history, search history from more than 80 predefined programs, you can hide your private files, documents, pictures and videos, permanently delete files beyond recovery (shredder) and wipe empty disk space. Shadow has integrated Secret Bookmark Editor where you can store, edit and launch your secret hidden bookmarks. It works in stealth mode, it is password protected and you can use profiles, scheduler and plug in manager. Shadow Professional version has a unique Privacy Mode functionality to start private surfing sessions - nobody will know where you have been and what you have done on internet during this sessions. And that's just tip of the iceberg of what Shadow Professional has to offer for your total privacy protection. You can download and use Shadow Professional without any restrictions for full 30 day. For more information about Shadow Professional visit Product Page or click here.







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