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Shadow Professional
is a complete suite of tools to keep web activity, files and documents strictly private. Press start and surf web without any evidence. Make your secret bookmarks hidden, shred files, use disk wiper and have hidden folder for your private documents.
Packed with its Hidden Secret Folders for downloaded files, with Secret Bookmarks, with complete Manual Clean Up Editor and with Active Shred Editor - Shadow Professional is premiere, full featured and extremly reliable solution for anyone who wants to take care of their own privacy, whether in home or office.

The most reliable privacy protection
software on todays market

Download Shadow Professional and use
it for 30 days completely free! No nag screens,
no restrictions, use fully functional professional
version for a full month before making a decision.


All in one centralised solution:

InviSurfTM technology - makes sure NO SINGLE TRACK of your secret activity will be left on your computer while at the same time it keeps “regular” surfing history intact!
Secret Folders - Alows you to download and manage all your files in one place which is visible ONLY by you!
Secret Bookmark Editor - Have all your secret bookmarks and passwords in one hidden place! Perfect companion with Hidden Secret Folders!
Active Shred Editor - Delete unwanted files beyond any possible recovery using industrial strength algorithms
Manual Clean Up Editor - Clear evidences of your past web activities - the level of control you have over cleaning sensitive data is unsurpassed!


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Shadow makes sure no single track of your secret online activity will be left on your computer. With Shadow you can permanently eliminate all web history evidences, you can hide all your downloads in your secret hidden folder, you can put all your secret bookmarks and passwords into bookmark editor which will be accessible only by you and you can permanently delete files in the way that they can never be recovered. Shadow is specially designed to be easy to use and reliable in all situations.



One of the biggest advantages of Shadow Professional over similar programs is that it blocks evidence tracks in real time while you browsing websites. It works by employing the technology that blocks recording of recent visited pages, address bar history. web cache, cookies and other sensitive information which are stored on your computer every time you visit a site. It is an active technology which will remove evidences only for the time when you are in privacy mode which you can set by pressing Start and Stop buttons on the main screen. That means, you can have all your useful cookies, cache, entries, autocomplete entries, passwords etc and still enjoy visiting your secret websites without a fear that you can be discovered. Moreover, your credibility in the eyes of your family members or coworkers will stay at the highest level because it can�t happen that somebody see a blank, erased history from the whole computer and it can�t happen that you destroy the information that might have been very usefully to somebody with who you share your computer occasionally - like passwords, or other valuable entries. Best of all, to the end user it is so simple that it can�t be simpler: Press big START button and enjoy visiting your favorite secret websites, press STOP button and you are back to normal state where your activity is visible.
Secret Hidden Folder

As you are downloading files, videos, pictures and documents from internet you need one secret place where you will store all those files, and which will be visible only to you and accessible only by you. In Shadow, you can pick a folder you want to be your secret download folder and you can encrypt it. Whenever you launch Shadow it will show up, when you exit Shadow it will turn invisible. You can set up a keyboard shortcut to quickly start Shadow in tray menu and, in combination with your chosen password your family members, kids or colleagues would not even know of yours secret folder existence, yet being able to access it. This folder acts as any other windows folder: you can make sub folders, create or delete files. We strongly encourage you to also encrypt your most confidential private documents. Hiding + encrypting them will give you 100% secure protection and peace of mind. Encrypted files could not be opened, viewed or played in any operating system. You can decrypt them at any time from within Shadow with password you used previously to encrypt them. Do not forget this password! There is no easy way to retrieve it back.

Secret Bookmarks
Secret Bookmarks Editor is integral part of the program and it has every feature that you need to collect your secret bookmarks in one place, set the passwords for the sites that require them, add new ones, organize them in folders, export in an encrypted file, import back, filter and search, import from existing bookmarks or import current website from an active browsing window and many more options. It also resides in tray where you can easily visit recent, or most visited bookmarks. If you ever thought IE or Firefox favorites lacks some options take a look at Secret Bookmarks - they can be used as IE favorites better replacement alone, not to mention that in Shadow they are secret, password protected, and only yours.
Regular Windows delete command does not delete the files permanently. Those files can be easily retrieved. Many of scandal videos that has been floating around the net lately were leaked out just by the sole fact that people often don't realize how easy is to retrieve files that were deleted by regular windows delete command. Not only that people that has access to your computer can retrieve those files but once you format your hard drive and sell it, or drop it away you are potentionaly giving somebody the ability to access everything you have ever had or done on your computer. Shredder module in Shadow is easy to use editor that will permanently destroy files you choose to the point they can never be recovered. This is possible by employing algorithm that overwrites files multiple times, using advanced military grade level method which is approved by Department of Defense. The user can choose up to 35 passes (Gutmann method) and how may times algorithm to be executed.
Manual Clean Up

An industrial strength and full featured editor to manually clean up all kind of accumulated web surfing history, not only from browsers but also from various programs, instant messaging clients or picture viewing programs. You can clean Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera history, erase browser cache, erase visited URLs, erase typed URLs, clean AutoComplete entries, delete cookies, clear searches, document history and many other types of sensitive information, you can erase history from dozen of popular programs, messengers and peer to peer clients. You can precisely set a sequence of actions to be executed using Profile Manager, schedule them to run on timely intervals or specific date, you have complete control over which cookies and typed URLs you want to delete, you have Plug in Manager to make your own plugins for programs which are not on default list. On top of that there is Disk Wipe to shred unused free space on your hard drive.

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