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Privacy Mode - your secret web sessions without leaving browsing evidence.
Privacy Mode - support for applications
Password protection from unauthorized use
Panic Keys, Hot Keys and Boss Keys
Stealth Mode
Complete support for Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Netscape, Netscape Browser 8, Opera and AOL latest version
MultiProfile Support for Browsers
Erase Browser Cache
Erase Browser URL History
Erase Browser Typed URLs Addresses
Erase Browser Cookies
Erase Autocomplete Forms
Erase index.dat files without restart
Reset Browser Download Folder Memory
Clear Google Toolbar History
Clear Google History
Clear Yahoo History
Reset Opera Tabs
Cookie Manager
Typed URL-s Manager
Profile Manager
Erase Windows Temporary Files (Temp Folder)
Erase Recent Document History
Erase Run History
Erase Search History
Erase Find Computers History
Empty Recycle Bin
Empty Clipboard
Clear Open/Save Dialog History
Clear User Assist Tracks from Registry
Delete MS Office Temporary Files
Erase Outlook Express Deleted Mails
Erase Folder Streams from Registry
Clear Printer Streams
Clear Windows Swap Files
Empty Windows XP Prefetc Folder
Clean Last Windows Logon Name
Erase My Network Places History
Erase CHK Files
Clear History Tracks From Various Programs
Plug-in Editor to make your own Plug-ins
More than 240 predefined Applications Plug-ins
File Shredder with Windows Shell integration
Implemented U.S. Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M and Gutmann secure-erasing methods.
Disk Wiper to shredd unused free space
Home Page Protection
Secret Bookmark Editor
Secret Hidden Folder
Encrypted Folders
Integrated Secret Folder Viewer.
Secret Folder works in Safe Mode and over the Local Network
Active System Tray Integration



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