Activating and Stopping Privacy Mode

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InviSurf Technology is a new groundbreaking paradigm in the world of privacy protection software. It works by employing the technology that allows you to have your secret and safe sessions when you can surf the internet without any fear that any evidence will be left on your computer. The best thing, your valuable recent entries, visited sites, passwords and everything else that has been made during "regular" surfing will be intact! Not only you will enjoy the possibility to browse your secret locations without having to remove the footprints that has been left afterwards (which is by itself risky) but your credibility in the eyes of your family members of coworkers will stay at the highest level because it cant happen that somebody see a blank, erased history from the whole computer and it cant happen that you destroy the information that might have been very usefully to somebody to with who you share your computer occasionally - like passwords, or valuable sites. The best of all, to the end user it is so simple that it cant be simpler: Press big START button and enjoy visiting your favorite secret websites, press STOP button and you are back to normal state where your activity is visible.